Monday, May 20, 2013

Paleolithic Principle

I get emails from Paige Parker, you should check her out, and I got an email that I decided to actually open. It was titled, How to Have him Stay in Love with You Forever. I kinda felt foolish for clicking it, but I had to admit that with that title I had to see what it was about.
Turns out it just linked me to another site that had me watch a video. It’s pretty interesting, I must admit, but of course I had to buy his books and tapes to get the “full” effect.
I watched the video all the way through and was intrigued by something he brought up : Paleolithic Principle. 

I started to read a lot more about it and to see if it was just another hoax or something crazy. But in some sort of sad way, I’m actually really interested in having some kind of security with my love. If I could find a way that could make him be deeply in love with me forever and most of all help him be the man he wants, that would be amazing.
I mean, who doesn’t want that security?
The basic explanation of Paleolithic Theory is that letting a man because be a man. So how the hell does that work? Apparently, all men have the same basic needs. They all want to have their pride at the end of the day and certain things that may seem ridiculous to women are extremely important to men.
There are certain aspects in a relationship that make men uncomfortable, and this is no way means he loves you less, it’s just natural for him to feel this way. For example, being too close makes him feel stressed. Men value their freedom extremely and feel closed in when someone is too close and “suffocating”.
Women may look at this as just showing affection and may become even offended at the idea that their man doesn’t want to spend as much time with them as they want.
When a man feels any kind of restraints on his freedom, he feels less of a man, and out goes his pride. He becomes angry with the man he is and ultimately pulls away from his girl and the relationship.
This can happen for both men and women, but it happens much sooner for men. It is thought that men need their space more than women do.
Communication is key. Everyone and their mother has heard this, but we never really know how to communicate. For most men the idea of “talking” makes them want to jump out the nearest window.
Blaming or yelling at a man can deflate a man’s ego extremely and one of the easiest ways to make a man run. They may even come to a point where they do not want a woman to yell at them or blame them for anything that they hide what they are really feeling and put up a front making it hard to be read. 
There is so much more on the Paleolithic Principle that I haven’t read because I didn’t purchase the books (which I plan on doing just to make more sense of it).
If you’re interested in this idea, I highly recommend watching that video linked above and maybe even purchase his books!
And guys- I really want to know how you feel about this. Is this kinda true? Not at all? Do you even care? Let me know!



  2. i came across this principle and think there is definitely truth in it. as women it is common for us to suffocate, to blame, to "force" commitment in fear of losing our man. I have done this exact thing and lost the love of my life. I know he still loves me, and I feel one day, when he is more mature, and when I have become more independent and self reliant, we could make a great couple. I don't live for this outcome, but I certainly think it's a possibility. Even if it doesn't work out with him, growing as independent women and also having a greater understanding of men and what they need will help us in future relationships. Thank you for this post and best of luck to you <3