Monday, May 20, 2013

Annoying Facebook Relationship Habits

A lot of things get me upset. I’ll admit that, sure. However, there is something about Facebook that seems to bother me so much more. Like everyone else in the world, I have a Facebook, and sometimes people on there bother me so much. I can go much more into detail on all the behaviors that bother me, but I’ll just focus on something I see a lot: relationships on Facebook.

You may have heard, but apparently a relationship isn’t official until Facebook says so. Unless you’re “in a relationship” with so and so, it doesn’t count. I love pissing people off when they ask who I’m in a relationship with because I don’t have anyone tagged. Um, if you’re asking me who I’m dating, then you don’t know me and don’t need to know. Simple as that.

There’s people who have literally just discovered each other’s feelings for one and another and one second later a relationship request is sent.
Also, don’t put you’re married to someone, unless you actually are. It’s not cute that you’re married on Facebook to your best friend or your boyfriend. It just shows that you are desperately single and trying not to act it or that you’re insanely clingy. Either way, it’s kinda alarming.
I also don’t need to know every time someone and his or her significant other has a fight. It’s extremely awkward for everyone to read a status about something your boyfriend or girlfriend said that upset you. And everyone knows you’re being a drama queen when you switch your relationship status to single, blast him on a status, then hours later go back to being in a relationship with a cheesy love song quote starting with two &.
Example : “&& Even though we fight, our love is real.” 
So you really want to say ‘and’ twice? To really get the point across?
It pisses me off when I know all the personal details about people I don’t even care about’s relationship. I don’t need to know how many seconds you guys have been dating or all the little pet names he gives you. Leave some things to be personal and private.
Also, a month of dating does NOT need a status update along with a dumbass picture of how you’ll never let each other go. It’s been a month! Is this serious? I understand you’re excited and maybe “in love”, but fuck stop shoving the relationship down each other’s throats and forcing the people of Facebook to watch in horror.
Another pet peeve is when couples obnoxiously write on each other’s walls, statuses, or photos. To some degree, that’s totally and completely fine. But to scroll down on someone’s Timeline and only see tagged statuses of their girlfriend or their girlfriend’s posts is kinda annoying. It makes me wonder, hey do you have a life outside your girlfriend? Maybe not.

If anyone can think of any more annoying Facebook relationship habits, let me know or vent about it here. I feel your pain!

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